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Supplying Business Telecom Solutions

Bespoke business communications is what we specialise in at Dialogic Telecom. We love technology and aim to deliver it to you in the simplest way possible at the best value. We Provide complete office solutions including mobile telephony, Microsoft office 365, VoIP telephony, fixed line & business broadband.

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Five Questions you’ve been asking Dialogic Telecom about VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) lets you make telephone calls over the internet or 4G wherever you have a broadband connection*. Recent advancements in technology and more recognition of the versatility and amazing features of VoIP systems, have meant that they are becoming increasingly popular for business clients. VoIP services are answering many of the […]

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Raising Cyber Security Awareness.

With Cyber Crime the fastest-growing crime, Paul Johnson from Logicalis emphasises that businesses and individuals need to be aware of the risks to avoid becoming the next victim. Here are 12 things he says you should watch out for. · MALWARE Malware (viruses, Trojans and worms) is one of the biggest threats. Criminals trick users […]

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Updating your Office Telephone System? – Make it Cloudya from Dialogic Telecom.

Dialogic Telecom works with NFON in the UK to bring you a Cloud-based Office Telephone System that offers ease of use, total independence and proven reliability.   Is your Business looking to: • Expand an existing Telephone system? • Replace an existing Telephone system? • Set up a brand-new Telephone system?   ‘Cloudya’, the VoIP […]

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Dialogic Telecom keeps Up to Date with New Developments in Voice over IP

Busy morning discussing interesting developments in Voice over IP.  

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Apple’s new iPhone XR – an Alternative Worth Considering

Release of iPhone XR in October 2018 offers more options.    There has been much excitement since Apple’s iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max became available in September 2018. Now it would appear that Apple has taken a lot of the things that make these two phones special and packed them into the newly […]

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