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Bespoke business communications is what we specialise in at Dialogic Telecom. We love technology and aim to deliver it to you in the simplest way possible at the best value. We Provide complete office solutions including mobile telephony, Microsoft office 365, VoIP telephony, fixed line & business broadband.

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What Requirements are Necessary for the Installation of a Hosted VoIP System?

A hosted VoIP telephone system means all the functionalities are available in the cloud instead of facilitating everything in-house. It is cost-effective and efficient because a third-party provider takes responsibility for the system maintenance. The provider looks after all the equipment, hardware, updates and security of the service and offers the hosted VoIP via a […]

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Online Security – How Safe is Your Password?

Is Password Security really that important?   Do you ever think, “How safe is my password?” Well you should! It has been said that the only secure password is one you can’t remember…But what if you use the same password for multiple sites to make it easier for you to recall? That’s like leaving the […]

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Can’t make it to the Office? – Need to Work Remotely?

  Dialogic Telecom offers ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ (VoIP) as an excellent solution for business phone requirements. It is currently the progressive way to unify your communications and connect your office with your smartphone and tablet. A VoIP telephone system makes you geographically independent, both in terms of administration and use. You can use your […]

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Cold Weather may Affect the Performance of your Mobile Phone Battery

Although the weather in the UK and Ireland is often cold and unpredictable, it is relatively uncommon to experience the impact of extreme temperatures on the performance of your mobile phone battery. Nevertheless, it is still possible to find yourself in an exposed area especially if you enjoy outdoor pursuits or you may be planning […]

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Mobile Phone Battery Advice in Energy Saving Week

Energy Saving Week runs from 21 to 27 January 2019. It is a national campaign to help people consider their use of energy, cut their fuel bills and get the financial support they are entitled to. We are taking this opportunity to remind you of a few tips to help you save the battery energy […]

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