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Supplying Business Telecom Solutions

Bespoke business communications is what we specialise in at Dialogic Telecom. We love technology and aim to deliver it to you in the simplest way possible at the best value. We Provide complete office solutions including mobile telephony, Microsoft office 365, VoIP telephony, fixed line & business broadband.

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Blast from the Past – Golf Memories at Dialogic Telecom

We’ve all been enjoying The Open at Royal Portrush this week. Recently we came across this photograph from a Promotional Golfing Charity Event that Dialogic Telecom held in 2002 at Carden Park in Chester. One of the highlights was meeting the late Sir Norman Wisdom and other familiar celebrities. Many of you will recognise some […]

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Is Your Phone Travel Ready?

Have you been on holiday recently or travelled on business and felt you didn’t get the most out of your phone when abroad? Whether your travel is for business or pleasure the one item you are most likely to carry always is your phone. It’s your source of communication, diary, and sat nav as well […]

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Competitive Advantages you can achieve by Modernising your Business Communications

• Free up resources   • Improve multi-tasking   • Enable remote workers   • Better relationships with clients   • Survive a crisis    

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NFON Void provider

What Requirements are Necessary for Installation of a Hosted VoIP Telephone System?

A hosted VoIP telephone system means all the functionalities are available in the cloud instead of facilitating everything in-house. It is cost-effective and efficient because a third-party provider takes responsibility for the system maintenance. The provider looks after all the equipment, hardware, updates and security of the service and offers the hosted VoIP via a […]

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Passwords – Don’t keep all your Eggs in One Basket!

Are you keeping all your eggs in one basket by recycling your online password? Do you ever think, “How safe are my passwords?” Well you should! It has been said that the only secure password is one you can’t remember…But, what if you use the same password for multiple sites to make it easier for […]

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