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VoIP Northern Ireland

VoIP solutions for businesses in Northern Ireland

VoIP Northern Ireland

Dialogic Telecom provide NI businesses with cost effective VoIP phone systems offering low cost phone solutions compared to traditional phone services. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows users to communicate using an internet connection rather than through wires as a traditional telephone would. This allows users to make low cost calls to another VoIP device from anywhere in the world provided there is an internet connection such as Wi-Fi. VoIP telecommunications are the perfect solution for businesses as it allows for low cost calls to another office anywhere in the world.

Sectors who benefit from VoIP:

All businesses who make calls can benefit from having lower costs from calls as a result of VoIP. We have listed those industries below that we have successfully helped lower phone calls for in the past:

– Manufacturers

– Engineering companies

– Financial services

– Companies with regional and international offices


From our years of experience in providing Northern Ireland businesses with cost effective telecommunications services, VoIP solutions are not limited to offering benefiting companies who trade and sell overseas. With the introduction of high speed 4G in Belfast companies who have sales reps on the road can use mobile VoIP services to communicate directly with their head office.


Areas we service:


We provide VoIP solutions to Northern Ireland businesses based in:



– Antrim

– Down

– Armagh

– Tyrone

– Fermanagh


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