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Make Low Cost Overseas Calls From Your Derry – Londonderry Office

If your mobile and landline calls are costing your business too much money, Dialogic Telecom can help. We have cost effective VoIP solutions that can help you greatly reduce your costs on communicating to offices overseas.

VoIP Services Derry/Londonderry

What is VOIP?


VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol. In simpler terms, VOIP is a phone service offered over the internet by using your broadband provider rather than your local phone line company.

Reduce your business phone bill by using VOIP to contact suppliers, customers and overseas international offices from your office in Derry.



What are the benefits of VOIP?

Cost Reduction: Decrease your company’s phone bills by using your internet network to make important business calls worldwide.

Conferencing: Conveniently schedule meetings with staff and clients.

Facilitates Growth: Additional lines and extensions can easily be added as your business grows.

Mobile Extension: Connect your mobile phone with your office communications system.

Place on Hold: Upload company advertisements and personal greeting music when placing customers and clients on hold.

Call Reporting: Review reports of incoming and outgoing business calls.


Who can benefit from this service?

Companies who make a large number of calls to overseas offices, suppliers and customers can benefit greatly from using VoIP telecommunication solutions.  Industries such as the following can reduce their calls significantly by moving from traditional telecommunications to VoIP.

– Manufacturers

– Engineers

– Financial Services


Companies based in L’Derry with sales representatives who make large volumes of weekly calls can also benefit from using mobile VoIP solutions.


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