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What will ‘ISDN Switch Off’ mean for you? – Is It Time for VoIP?

Posted on Monday 11th April, 2022
by Dialogic Telecom

In 2015 BT announced its intention to switch off PSTN and ISDN networks by 2025. In fact they will not be installing any new ISDN lines after 2023. That date is quickly becoming imminent. The terms ‘PSTN Switch Off’ and ‘ISDN Switch Off’ are being used regularly by the telecoms industry. Businesses are becoming aware that, once this happens, they may require a fundamental change to their telecom systems. However, there is uncertainty around how to manage this change efficiently. We are often asked what these terms mean, and if VoIP is the solution.

PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network. ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. These are two distinct networks that work to transfer voice and data over the existing phone lines that we have been using throughout the years.

We know the legacy telecommunications network and equipment is reaching the end of its life and has become more fault prone with age. However, we have all seen dramatic changes in technology over recent years, so the move to internet protocol (IP), isn’t just because the system is old. The legacy networks don’t support all the new technological advances, including the rapidly growing need for fixed/mobile convergence. Therefore, the move to IP-communications will give your business the opportunity to link devices, access systems remotely, use business apps to make calls anywhere with the same number, video chat, link your CRM, and much more.

IP-communications, especially Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), provides many feature-rich services, and for a number of years existing network providers have been introducing this to us. As the clock ticks down, companies are planning their conversion strategies and are already exploring alternatives, especially if their telephone contract is coming up for renewal.

With the impending PSTN/ ISDN switch-off, the adoption of cloud telephony becomes very much a case of “when, not if,” so this should be the next step for your business regardless of size.

A hosted VoIP system is an excellent option. It provides the functionality and scalability of a telephone system, with many advanced features, at a lower cost compared to traditional landline phones. However, our experience shows the importance of a stable IP platform so that all your business services integrate smoothly and reliably and we advise that you research your options before you transfer.

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