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A Telephone System for Solicitors & Law Firms

Posted on Thursday 18th February, 2021
by Dialogic Telecom

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Here at Dialogic Telecom, we understand that law firms are under immense pressure to deliver a professional and secure service to their clients. To provide this efficiently, it is crucial that unified communications is a key element. It has become increasingly important to have a reliable telephone system in place whether a solicitor is negotiating with clients, scheduling meetings, or liaising with fellow colleagues.

Some law firms are still using traditional landlines, however there is a need to consider the longevity of this solution because the infrastructure, facilitating these services, will soon be obsolete.
If you have already begun the search and want to future proof your office phone system, hosted VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) is the superior option.

Dialogic Telecom can provide a bespoke, scalable solution to meet all the requirements of your legal office and one which will be a valuable attribute to a more efficient service.

Some of the features that you can expect from our system are:

• FSA compliant Call Recording
• GDPR compliant
• eFax
• Encrypted Calls & Messages
• Call Routing/Auto Attendant facility
• Mobile App/ Softphone compatible
• Hot Desking
• Conferencing
• On Hold Marketing/Announcements
• Business Hours Management
• Call Queuing
• CRM and Case Management Software Integration

It is very likely that, on occasions, you will need to work remotely, whatever your role within a law firm. Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) describes the integration of mobile and fixed line communication services within a complete solution and is ideal for working on the move.

A hosted VoIP telephone system for your business means all the functionalities are available in the cloud instead of facilitating everything in-house. It is cost effective and efficient because a third-party provider takes responsibility for the system maintenance.

We suggest the 3 core-essentials for installation of a hosted VoIP system are:

• A stable Platform
• Reliable Connectivity
• Suitable Hardware/Software

Users ought to be aware of pre-requisites that should never be compromised when installing a VoIP system. They are:
Reliability, Quality, Features, Accessibility, Security, Pricing and Customer support. A professional setup offers a seamless experience for internal and external communications.

Dialogic Telecom uses a reliable, robust platform that will deliver outstanding levels of functionality and versatility. Our hosted VoIP typically comes out on top for its flexibility and unrivalled scalability.

Considering the move to a VoIP phone system can be daunting, so it is best to receive reliable advice. Sifting through pages of fine print does not always contribute to the best decision, so we can assist you in choosing the most suitable system for your specific needs, while offering experienced, proficient support throughout the process.