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What is the ISDN shutdown?

Posted on Friday 22nd January, 2021
by Dialogic Telecom

In 2015 BT announced its intention to switch off its integrated services digital network (ISDN) by 2025. In fact, they will not be installing any new ISDN lines after 2023.

As the clocks tick down, companies are planning their conversion strategies and are already exploring alternatives if their telephone contract is coming up for renewal.

Cloud computing has changed the world of technology forever – gone is the hardware heavy business. We are now living in a software world. Just as cloud computing has changed the world of data, it is now doing the same with voice.

With the impending ISDN switch-off, the adoption of cloud telephony becomes very much a case of “when, not if” so this should be the next step for your business regardless of size.

A hosted VoIP system is an excellent alternative option. It provides the functionality and scalability of a telephone system, with many advanced features, at a lower cost compared to traditional landline phones.

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