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Physically Closed but Virtually Open – A New kind of Office!

Posted on Tuesday 4th August, 2020
by Dialogic Telecom

Coronavirus has had an immense impact on the business world, and it is apparent that we are not in the clear yet.

Office working arrangements are unpredictable with ongoing adjustments having to be made rapidly and at short notice.

Where remote working was previously viewed as a job perk, it is now seen as a priority for many businesses who want to future-proof their operations.

Companies are increasingly implementing work from home environments as an alternative, especially with the recent advice regarding quarantine.

For many businesses this is a completely new concept and  they need guidance about an adaptable system that allows them to manage this transition smoothly.

The solution should be cost effective and promote efficiency. Overall, it must ensure operations remain dynamic and have the flexibility required for a rapidly changing environment.

Cloud telephony along with team collaboration tools and business apps are some suggestions for each business to explore when contemplating a remote office environment. However, there are key elements that should be addressed individually when researching an optimal solution.

To ensure you make the best start to this process, contact us for advice.