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A New Normal for Business

Posted on Tuesday 12th May, 2020
by Dialogic Telecom

The challenge of Covid-19 has caused widespread disruption and isn’t something many businesses would have planned for.

It has taught us that everything can change very quickly on a global scale.

Now companies are being told to prepare for a new normal. But what is the new normal going to be like?

We can be certain there’s going to be unexpected twists and turns in the coming months; but what for the long term? The truth is we can’t be sure, and we’re being told to stay alert.

Possibly the best thing business owners can do is prepare intelligently for a new abnormal and develop the ability to react efficiently to changing circumstances.

VoIP is a telecommunication solution that gives flexibility to companies. It allows the office to move wherever staff need to be thus offering the facility for them to work remotely at short notice. It also facilitates easier collaboration within a team, diverting calls, adding and changing important announcements, conferencing facilities and much more.

Many of you will be aware that BT intends to switch off its ISDN phone service in 2025 and doesn’t plan to accept referrals for any new ISDN lines after 2020. If your current phone contract is up for renewal soon, now is the time to start exploring another option.

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