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Voicemail to Email feature will benefit your Business Telephone System

Posted on Monday 27th April, 2020
by Dialogic Telecom

Voicemail has been considered a vital feature in business telecoms for quite some time.

However, it would appear, callers often avoid this option as they don’t have the confidence that voicemails will be picked up and dealt with in a timely manner.

A hosted VoIP phone system’s Voicemail-to-Email feature is a solution that changes this paradigm and turns voicemail from a liability back into an asset.

How Voicemail-to-Email works
Instead of lingering in an old system for days or weeks the voicemails are instantly and automatically forwarded to a recipient’s email inbox as an MP3 attachment, showing data such as the time and date as well as the caller’s ID.

The benefits of this are:
1. Recipients can respond to voicemails quicker because they can pick them up even when out of the office. This rapid response improves business relationships with customers and other callers.
2. Because voicemails are converted into audio files, they can be easily stored, as well as shared with colleagues in other departments to be dealt with as required.
3. Expecting employees to be constantly available isn’t realistic or efficient especially if they are in a meeting. The associated caller data enables employees to prioritize their response in such situations.

In most cases speaking to callers in real-time is preferred to voicemail. However, hosted VoIP offers an excellent alternative with this voicemail-to-email feature that ensures voicemail becomes an asset rather than a liability.