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Have you Wiped your Phone?

Posted on Friday 27th March, 2020
by Dialogic Telecom

Have you wiped your phone as often as you are washing your hands?

The Covid-19 virus can survive on the surface of your phone and tablet for a number of days so it is important to clean these items regularly.

We know that people are particularly worried because they find it difficult to obtain sanitising wipes so are confused about what they should do.

The worst thing is to do nothing!

An alternative is to use a lint free / microfibre cloth and hot soapy water to give your phone and its case a thorough wipe down as often as you wash your hands.

Make sure to wring the cloth out well so excess moisture does not cause damage. Dry the phone or tablet immediately with a clean cloth. (Always ensure your device has been unplugged beforehand.)

Soap and water will not ‘kill’ the virus but will simply wash it away.

Don’t hesitate to contact your telecoms provider if you need further advice at this time.