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Can’t make it to the Office? – Need to Work Remotely?

Posted on Monday 16th March, 2020
by Dialogic Telecom

NFON Void provider

Many businesses are requiring employees to work remotely in various locations or on multiple sites. This has become more relevant in recent weeks with the increasing incidence of COVID-19. The key to making this a success is to ensure communication channels are efficient and effective.

A hosted VoIP solution supports those looking for this flexibility while still maintaining the communication structure of your office.

A VoIP telephone system enables you to be geographically independent, both in terms of its administration and use. It is currently the most progressive way to unify your communications and allows you to use your office number at home or worldwide.

Mobile applications or softphones can reduce the cost of this service and will allow you to use it via your smartphone and tablet.

Business telecom solutions are varied and complex so convergence should be tailored within your budget and service excellence is also a key factor for you to consider.

Your telecoms provider must be responsive and efficient, offering a bespoke solution and consistent customer service.