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End of Life for Windows 7 begins 14 January 2019

Posted on Friday 6th September, 2019
by Dialogic Telecom

Microsoft has announced that the company will begin the Windows 7 ‘end of life’ in January 2020.

From then on Microsoft will cease to provide technical support, software updates and patches for this operating system. This means they won’t offer their usual help and support if you encounter problems following that date.

Windows 7 has been an extremely popular operating system and some businesses are reluctant to update for a number of reasons.

However, Microsoft has warned that those who decide to continue to use the Windows 7 operating system after then, will be at high risk of a cyber security attack. This may have implications for your business, especially under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Security risk and software compatibility are just some of the issues that each business should consider as soon as possible. As a priority, it is advised that at the very least, your documents should be backed up before 14 January 2019.

Speak to your IT consultant for further advice.