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Does my Business need a Desk Phone as well as a Mobile?

Posted on Tuesday 27th August, 2019
by Dialogic Telecom

Many factors should be considered when setting up and running a business. Your communication needs are one of the key elements.

One business may wish to install a landline with a desk phone. For another a mobile or smartphone is enough. However, you may decide your business will really benefit from a phone system and increasingly people are asking about this facility.

Some questions we have been asked are:

  • If my clients can call my mobile do I need a desk phone?
  • If I use a mobile app, why have a desk phone?
  • If my service has software integrated into my computer (Softphone), do I still require a desk phone?
  • If I can be reached on my smartphone when I am away from the office I am more proactive. Why can’t I do the same thing in the office?

Each company has unique communication needs which evolve over time and the requirements should be assessed specifically for the individual business.

One business may run smoothly with a mobile or smartphone while others may be better to use a desk phone or a phone system.

We can provide you with the options available and will support you when you decide on the best solution for your business.