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McAfee – The ultimate protection for your mobile life

Posted on Wednesday 18th March, 2015
by Dialogic Telecom

McAfee security from O2

McAfee Mobile Security

The ultimate protection for your mobile life

The ultimate protection for your mobile world.

Selectively share your apps

Easily set up different profiles to share your stuff with family and friends. Or, just, lock up any app with a 6-digit PIN.

Know what your apps are up to

Mobile apps are great. But they could also gather a great deal of information—personal things you may not want to share. Our proprietary technology taps into McAfee Global Threat

Intelligence network and generates a customized report detailing what information your apps are collecting, empowering you to remove the offending apps.

Block obnoxious spam

It’s annoying, it infringes on your privacy,and now it’s easy to eliminate. Our advanced filters stop spammers, incorrect numbers,and unwanted texts.

Track It, Lock It, and Wipe It if Lost or Stolen

Remote Lock and Wipe

Life happens. Things go missing. Prevent possible misuse of your personal data by remotely locking your device. If you think your device is gone for good, you can permanently delete your data.

Backup and restore your stuff

We’ve made it easy to pr eserve irreplaceable personal information on demand, on a schedule,or before you wipe your missing mobile device.Once your valuables are backed up, it’s simple

to restore them to a new device

Locate, track and send an alarm

Sometimes you just need a little help finding things. Locate your phone or tablet on a map using the remote management portal. Go ahead and remotely lock it until you can retrieve it. Or,

activate an alarm to make it “scream.”


Automatically saves the last location of your device before it runs out of battery.

To catch a thief

McAfee Mobile Security’s CaptureCam feature silently takes a snapshot of the person holding your lost device and emails the photo to you along with the device location.

Stamp out Malware

Guard against viruses and spyware

It used to be that mobile devices were somewhat insulated from the bad guys. That’s no longer the case. McAfee Active Protection™ technology scans deep into your apps, files, SD cards,

and files to root out malware. And while the protection is heavy, it’s amazingly light on resources and battery life.

Stay Safe from Unsecured Wi-Fi and

Malicious Websites

Search and shop securely

As you navigate the web, McAfee Mobile Security blocks malicious websites. We even safeguard you against potential phishing sites, browser exploits,and malicious quick response (QR) codes.

Stay safe while being social

Most of today’s threats are making their way through email, texts, and social networks sites.We block potentially risky links no matter how they present themselves.

Connect with confidence to Wi-Fi networks

McAfee Mobile security will warn you if you’re connected to a non-password protected network and will automatically disconnect and notify you if it has detected Address Resolution Protocol

(ARP) spoofing that allows intruders to listen in

on your web traffic.