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What can office 365 mean for businesses?

Posted on Monday 26th January, 2015
by Admin

Office 365 Northern Ireland

Office 365 is a portfolio of cloud based services that provide business functionality through a range of proprietary bundle packages.

Office 365 is a secure way for businesses to access email, calendars, office web apps, instant messaging, conferencing and file sharing anywhere and over the internet on multiple devices.

Office 365 consists of applications that as a business we already use on a day to day basis. Most organisations use Office products in one way or another now;, but with cloud services businesses can always access the very latest versions of Office applications.

The cloud is externally hosted secure space for hosting data and applications. If you use Hotmail, Gmail or Dropbox, then you’re already using cloud services. Business use of cloud services will continue to grow as it offers benefits such as the reduction of IT support and equipment costs.


Office Enterprise – gives new capability to deploy services to small/medium businesses, for example:

  • Users will always be accessing the latest version of Office but as a subscription instead of a paid for up front license based.
  • Each user license provides Office across 5 devices i.e. PC/Mac and mobile
  • Your user settings apply to applications and documents whenever you access them and from wherever you are as those settings stay within the cloud.
  • Office on demand to stream the full Office to any PC allowing access to documents wherever you are.

Exchange Online

  • Hosted business class email and shared calendar allows customers to access email and calendars from their computers, the internet and mobile devices
  • 25 GB of storage space per user
  • Use your own domain name to send emails
  • Premium spam and malware protection as it is a Cloud based service this will help keep your data safe

Lync Online

  • Multiparty HD video conferencing- set up and conduct online meetings
  • Real-time note taking and document sharing
  • Instant messaging and presence – connect immediately with colleagues and clients
  • Integration with Skype, presence, IM, and voice

Sharepoint Online

  • Document sharing and management in the cloud means you can always access the latest versions of your documents
  • With Sky Drive you can have secure your personal space for documents
  • Internal and external sites for working together on projects increases the ability to work collaboratively with clients and colleagues
  • Online and offline access to your documents and access on any device allows you to be productive on the go
  • Easy to use templates allow businesses to build company public website with ease.


Anywhere Access:

  • Easy access to email, content, and business-ready tools to work on multiple devices
  • Securely access content and tools to do what you need to do from any device
  • Respond immediately and provide the best service to customers
  • Create a sense of community even when not everyone comes to work in the same office everyday.

Looking Professional:

  • Technology that can help customers level their playing field with the bigger players
  • Technology that can save time by getting things done faster without the need for any professional help
  • Business tools that are built to work together out of the box to help customers with email, creating documents, sharing documents, managing projects, and customer meetings

Easy IT with no IT expertise required:

  • Reduction of IT headaches by reducing IT resource required
  • Control access to sensitive documents without the need to be a security expert
  • IT-level phone support to be available when you need help, with a range of chargeable extras

Best Value:

  • The best technology to support business growth
  • Predictability of IT cost each month
  • Simplified licensing that supports the use of mobile devices at work
  • No need for IT maintenance costs to take care of your servers

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