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New product updated for TU go from 02

Posted on Wednesday 10th December, 2014
by Admin

TU Go from O2

New product updates for TU Go

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What’s Happening?
02 have now gone live with TU Go release 2.5 across Android, IOS, and WP8. This includes the ability to use TU Go over a Smartphone 3G / 4G Connection. This is something that 02 customers have been asking us for so that they can use TU Go when they don¹t have a WiFi connection. It also includes the ability to use TU Go on up to 10 devices at one time.

What does this mean for our customers?

3G & 4G Support
Our latest version of TU Go now also supports the ability to use the app over any mobile data (3G / 4G) connection – so customers can now use TU Go for calls, texts and voicemails whenever they have mobile data available. If customers want to use mobile data for TU Go calls, they can switch this on in Settings.Data Allowance
TU Go also uses a small amount of data to sync your Timeline and voicemail – make sure you’re connected through wifi, so you’re not using your mobile data allowance. If you switch on Calls over 3G/4G in TU Go Settings, TU Go calls will use up your mobile data allowance, as well as your call/texting monthly allowance.

TU Go is now available on up to 10 devices

You can download the app as many times as you like, but you can only be logged in on a maximum of 10 devices at one time.