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TU Go from O2 launches TODAY!

Posted on Friday 31st October, 2014
by Admin

TU Go from O2

TU Go app has been launched by O2 today. The app allows O2 customers to use their mobile number on tablets and laptops allowing users to make calls over a Wi-Fi connection.

TU Go is perfect for:

Low Cost Calls Abroad

  • Send and receive calls and texts at UK rates
  • 15% of existing consumer calls and texts are currently made abroad


  • Send and receive calls and texts from your device of choice
  • Tablet device can be used as a back up when phone battery is low or left at home
  • Use your device of choice when at work

Poor Coverage

  • Either in the office or working from home, use your WiFi connection where mobile signal is poor

When Phone’s out of Action

  • TU Go will be perfect for users who have lost their phone or where it is no longer working.

See the O2 website for more details on this useful new app for business owners.


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