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Protect your business online with McAfee Security

Posted on Friday 31st October, 2014
by Admin

McAfee security from O2

It’s important to us to help protect businesses and there’s no better way than McAfee Multi Access. McAfee security protects against viruses, spam, malware and identity theft making sure your business documents and customer data are safe. The security software covers all types of devices. Not only is a PC safe you can also be assured that your smartphone, tablet and iPad will also be safe. This allows business owners to use all their securely for business and personal purposes.

With O2 Business you can secure all your devices from just £3 a month.

What is included in the business package?


A single McAfee Multi Access subscription for £3 a month covers up to five devices.


What you get with McAfee Security:


• Easy set up with no upfront costs and a single monthly fee

• Auto back-up to keep your browsing and files secure

• Online management option for adding devices

• Flags untrustworthy websites and changes in wifi connection before you enter

• Works on all browsers including Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox

• Stops spam, phishing emails and encrypts data

• Does not drain the device battery

• If a smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen, it can be found, locked and wiped. Customers can take a picture of the person trying to open it, send them a message or make the device scream.

• Puts all passwords in one place so customers only have to remember one

• Works on iPhones and iPads too


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