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Apple iPad Offers with 02 – iPad Mini V iPad Air

Posted on Wednesday 1st October, 2014
by Admin

iPad mini and iPad Air

O2 are currently running offers on both the Apple iPad Mini and the iPad Air for October. Which one is best for your business? We compare both devices to help you choose the right iPad that suits your business requirements.

October iPad offers from O2


Below are the current offers for the Ipads from O2 UK:

Ipad Air £35.00 per month + 11gb Data £49.99 upfront cost
Ipad Mini £20.83 per month + 8gb Data £100 upfront cost

The similarities between the tablets


Both the Mini and Air have a high-resolution Apple Retina screen so that you can read the latest news and view files clearly while on the go. Both tablets have identical computer processors that will open apps and load web pages noticeably quicker than the past iPads. The devices have the same front and back cameras and two antennas to pick up weak Wi-Fi signals which are perfect for business people travelling to remote areas. The batteries in the devices will easily last 10 hours under intense use, like downloading videos, and several days on lighter use like reading a book.

The differences in the two tablets:


The only difference between the two devices is the size. The Apple iPad Mini has a screen size of 7.9 inches on the diagonal, compared with 9.7 inches for the iPad Air. It weighs about three-quarters of a pound, a quarter-pound less than the Air.

The Mini can be held comfortably in your hand and can be slipped easily into a bag or pocket. You will find yourself carrying it nearly everywhere you go.

Choosing the right iPad for your business


How do you choose between these two tablets? Which are still the best ones tablets the market?

To help you decide on which device is right you, ask yourself: what will you use it for? If you intent to use the tablet for fun, such as reading and watching movies, then get the iPad Mini is the perfect solution for you.

For business people who need a tablet for work, the Apple iPad Air is the better solution for you as typing and reading is easier on the larger 9.7 inch screen.