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02 switches on £15m 4G service in greater Belfast

Posted on Monday 21st July, 2014
by Admin

O2 switching on 4g in Belfast

Mobile phone network O2 has switched on its 4G service in Belfast and Lisburn after a £15m investment. The new service will provide business customers with next generation broadband with increased internet browsing and downloading speeds.

4G rollout in Belfast


The company said it had upgraded services across Northern Ireland, including the modernisation of O2’s existing 2G and 3G networks, as well as the rollout of a new superfast 4G service. A further £5m has been committed to extend the rollout of 4G to other areas, including Londonderry, by the end of 2014.

O2 said its 4G network was now reaching over 21m customers.

Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster said: “The arrival of O2 4G marks another significant step forward for Belfast and Lisburn as the network promises to deliver many positive benefits to both businesses and smartphone users.  And it’s even more encouraging to see that O2 has been able to utilise the skills and expertise from our local businesses to help build this new superfast network across the area.”

O2 Customers will get moved over to the 4G service at no extra cost


O2 said it had already moved thousands of customers using a 4G device to its 4G service at no extra cost with more migrating over in the coming days. Derek McManus, chief operating officer of O2 parent company Telefónica UK, said “I’m delighted that O2 4G has arrived in Northern Ireland. “As we continue to roll out 4G across Northern Ireland, we are also upgrading our 2G and 3G networks, so every O2 customer will have an even better experience.”


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