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Posted on Tuesday 24th June, 2014
by Admin

O2 Travel offers 2014

Previously 02 offered customers 15MB of data with O2 Travel. But times and behaviours have changed and business customers are using more and more data. So 02 are going to offer customers all the data they need in Europe for £1.66 a day (terms apply).

What does “all the data you need in Europe” actually mean?

As of 3 June customers will not have an upper limit on the data they can use on O2 Travel; however they will experience reduced speeds once they pass 50MB usage in any one day. We know that this is more than enough for most of our customers’ needs. 

Who can use O2 Travel?

O2 Travel is available to SMB customers on tariffs with domestic voice bundles. O2 Travel is not available for customers without domestic call bundles, e.g. B4B PAYU, Mobex, Mobile Broadband, iPad and Data Only tariffs.

O2 Travel is a fantastic proposition, helping businesses manage their data usage in Europe.