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Reduce Your International Phone Bills With Voice Over Internet


NFON’s cloud telephony expertise is your route to becoming a smarter, more agile business. By equipping  you with next-generation cloud telephony solutions, we can lower your telephony costs, increase

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Businesses in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and the UK can reduce phone bills by using VoIP to communicate with overseas suppliers, customers and international offices.

This eliminates in-house telephone system, long-term maintenance contracts and you only pay for extensions that you actually use.

This is the NFON Cloud Telephone System which operates in 13 countries in Europe.. And it’s simple: All you need is a good Internet connection that meets certain basic conditions. Simply connect NFON approved devices and off you go. More than 150 features of a high-performance telephone system become instantly available.


Voip Providers in Northern Ireland


What is Voip?

Voice over Internet Protocol is the transmission of voice traffic over a dedicated high speed broadband connection instead of traditional wires. With a Dialogic Voice over Internet Protocol solution your business can benefit from free office to office calls, flexible call routing and savings in both rental and call costs.

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Essential for Industries such as:


  • Manufacturers
  • Engineering companies
  • Financial services
  • Companies who have sales reps


What are the Benefits:

  • Reduces costs: Reduces company phone bills by using your IT network to make calls
  • Complete control: through online user portal e.g. diverting calls.
  • Conferencing: allowing you the ability to schedule meetings with remote staff or clients.
  • Scalable: Add lines and extensions to your business as it grows.
  • Mobile extension: unify your mobile phone into your office system.
  • Music on hold: ability to upload personal greetings and company advertising.
  • Call detailed reporting: allowing you the facility to analysis incoming and outgoing calls.


150+ high-performance features

Whether you have one employee or thousands, the NFON Cloud Telephone System comes with over 150 features as standard. Instantly available and always kept fully up to date with automatic, free lifetime updates, these features include:


Mobile integration

Integrate your office phone systems with iPhone, Android or BlackBerry™ mobiles for worldwide accessibility via a landline number.

Skype for Business integration

Full cloud-level integration with your Unified Communications technology through NFON and Skype for Business.

Music and messaging on hold

Your customers can listen to music or information about latest offers while holding until a member of staff is available.

Intelligent call routing

Route calls to appropriately skilled staff based on incoming CLI, so your callers speak to the right person as soon as possible.

Branch office networking

Set up new extensions in just a few clicks, and manage all your extensions across different locations from a single portal.

Personal conferencing bridge

Initiate conference calls with up to 50 participants in HD quality, using your desk phone or mobile as a fully-featured extension.

Click to dial and presence

Integrate MS Outlook™ and your CRM applications with IM and presence functions.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

A seamless link between your telephone system and your all-important customer data, available for Mac and PC.

Call coaching

Essential for training new staff, you can access your employees’ calls in real time from any extension, anywhere and anytime.

Time-based call routing

Route calls and configure individual voicemail boxes based on your operating needs, working hours and personal requirements.


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